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Our Approach

We see ourselves as a school where people show respect for each other and thus creates a friendly atmosphere for everyone in the school community.

Our aim is to develop their study skills, social competence, team work and make them responsible for our environment.

We are innovative in the way that we try to motivate our pupils by offering them quality teaching and pedagogical know-how using new teaching methods implementing e-learning in some classes. The pupils use their laptops which should prepare them for their working lives.

Logo BORG Birkfeld

We are attractive because there is always something going on throughout the whole year. Musicals are performed, concerts are put on, art exhibitions are organised by our pupils and subject related topics are worked on.

Our school focuses on music art and information technology especially providing the opportunity for the sole use of laptops. Language development is very important to us offering English natives and providing trips to France and Italy.

If you wish to contact us you can get hold of our secretary between Monday and Friday 7.30 to 11.00.
tel: + 43 50 248 046


The BORG Birkfeld was founded in 1971. The idea of the ones responsible was to offer the people the opportunity to attend a school in Birkfeld.
In 1980 planning for our present building began. Since then we were sharing with the local secondary school and in 1987 we finally made the move to our new building.
We can definitely be proud to be able to name our school building as one of the nicest in Austria offering.

A beautiful view of Birkfeld



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